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Canon PIXMA MX925 (All-in-One, USB, WiFi, LAN, Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax)

All-in-One Printer All-in-One Printer, Canon, Copier, Ethernet, Pixma, Scanner, Switch, WiFi

Canon PIXMA MX925 (All-in-One, USB, WiFi, LAN, Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax)
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Review of Linux Compatibility

The Canon Pixma MX925 is a All-in-One printer, which can be accessed under Linux via USB, WiFi or Ethernet.

The scanner and printer can be used under Linux with the Scangearamp driver. This driver can be installed under Ubuntu in the following way:

sudo apt-get install libxml2:i386
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:michael-gruz/canon-trunk
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cndrvcups-common cnijfilter-common scangearmp-common

Alternatively, the scanner of the MX925 can be used with the Sane driver Sane-Pixma. Although a support of the MX925 is foreseen in the Sane driver, the Sane developers had not yet the possibility to test the driver with the MX925.

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12 Responses to “Canon PIXMA MX925 (All-in-One, USB, WiFi, LAN, Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax)”

  • Terje says:

    Got this errors while using steps above (Linux Mint 17, 64Bits)

    Reading packagelists … Done
    Creating overwiev over depencies
    E: Couldn’t find the package cndrvcups-common
    E: Couldn’t find the package scangearmp-common

    • papajoe says:

      The launchpad repository at
      only includes packages for precise, quantal, raring, 13.10, 14.04, and 14.10,

      If you want to use the driver under LinuxMint it might be necessary to download the .deb files from the Canon homepage. I did not find the driver for series MX920 at the US Canon page but only at the German canon page:

    • Terje says:

      I found it in Norwegian as well, but still not detected…
      Printer is working, but not the scanner.

    • Herbie says:

      I assume that this is a configuration issue with sane, if the printer works but the scanner does not. First, check if all necessary sane packages have been installed:

      sudo apt-get install sane-utils xsane xsane-common

      See what log output you get by entering

      tail -f /var/log/messages

      and connect the pixma mx925 via USB. This should produce some new output in the terminal that could be helpful.

      Furthermore, check if it is found by sane while it is connected via USB, by:

      scanimage -L

      What is the output of this command?

    • Terje says:

      Do I have to use USB? I intended to use it with WiFi.

    • Terje says:

      There was no proper cable delivered with this printer so I couldn’t connect it with the USB…

    • Terje says:

      I have talked to Canon as well now, and they could not give any help/support to Linux. The USB-cable does not follow the package either, and have to be bought seperatly.

      For Linux useres I will advice not to purchase this one!

      Also I can’t change the ratestars in this reply. My rate is 1 star.

    • Herbie says:

      I assume that the scanner is already working and supported, but the network configuration of SANE might be wrong. By using an USB cable one could simply see, if this is the case (and therefore exclude that it is a canon driver issue).

      Is your MX925 configured to be in the same subnet as the Linux PC? Otherwise, it will not be found by SANE. What are the corresponding IP adresses of Linux PC ans MX925?

      What is the output of

      scanimage -L

      This scan for devices also works over WiFi.

    • LHG-Team says:

      Hi Terje,
      it is only possible to change one’s old ratings for users which have an registered account. Guest accounts can not change ratings after voting.

    • Terje says:

      Thanks LGH-Team!
      I appreceate all the sugestions I’ve got.
      But maybe I should ask what all-in-one printer is the best for Linux instead?

    • LHG-Team says:

      That’s not easily answered and really depends on one’s needs and Linux skills. But for a Linux beginner HP all-in-one printer can be recommended. HP provides its hplip printer and scanner driver as open source. Therefore, this driver is very well embedded in most standard Linux distributions and does not need any separate download and/or installation.

    • Terje says:

      Yes, I know that now, a bit too late since I bought this for a bit over a month ago…
      Seems like I have to struggle with Windows a bit longer…. Not happy about that thoe.
      Well, Thank you all for your support in this matter :)

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