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インテル (Intel) Play QX3

雑多 子供, インテル(Intel), 顕微鏡, ウェブカメラ

インテル(Intel) Play QX3 (Digital テレビ, USB)
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インテル(Intel) Play QX3 
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The Intel Play QX3 is a digital Microscope, which invites (not only) children to experiment with it. The microscope is recognized by Linux like a webcam and has a maximal resolution of 352×288 pixel.

The microscope is supported by the cpia driver which is part of the gspca driver. The microscope is automatically recognized if plugged into the Linux PC:

usb 2-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 6
usb 2-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
V4L-Driver for Vision CPiA based cameras v1.2.3
USB driver for Vision CPiA based cameras v1.2.3
USB CPiA camera found
  CPiA Version: 1.33 (2.10)
  CPiA PnP-ID: 0813:0001:0106
  VP-Version: 1.0 0100
usbcore: registered new interface driver cpia

The kernel module creates a new video device, which provides the video feed of the camera

ls -l /dev/video*

To control the microscope the pseudo devices /proc/cpia can be used

ls -l /proc/cpia/

This device accepts the following options:

V4L Driver version:       1.2.3
CPIA Version:             1.33 (2.10)
CPIA PnP-ID:              0813:0001:0106
VP-Version:               1.0 0100
-----------------------  current       min       max   default  comment
toplight:                    off       off        on       off
bottomlight:                 off       off        on       off

The commands can be given to the pseudo device, e.g. to switch on the illumination of the microscope:

echo "toplight:on" | sudo tee /proc/cpia/video0
echo "bottomlight:on" | sudo tee /proc/cpia/video0

or to switch it off, respectively:

echo "toplight:off" | sudo tee /proc/cpia/video0
echo "bottomlight:off" | sudo tee /proc/cpia/video0


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