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レノボ (Lenovo) Ideapad YOGA13 MAM2RGE 超极本

ノートPC 13.3 インチ, レノボ(Lenovo), ノートPC, Ultrabook

レノボ(Lenovo) Ideapad YOGA13 MAM2RGE 超极本 (13,3" 1,7GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD)
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レノボ(Lenovo) Ideapad YOGA13 MAM2RGE 超极本 
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更新: 24/02/2016 17:31


The Lenovo Ideapad YOGA13 is an Ultrabooks with a 13.3 inch touchscreen, which can be rotated nearly 360° around its horizontal axis. Therefore, the Yoga 13 can be transformed into a tablet PC.

The information about using this Ultrabook with Linux is a bit limited. Furthermore, it uses UEFI for booting.

There are some reports that show that Ubuntu 12.10 can be started on the Yoga 13 from USB and that the touchscreen is supported. But the internal WiFi chipset is not recognized automatically. Since the Ultrabook is not equipped with an Ethernet port, no internet connection can be established without the use of additional hardware (e.g. USB WiFi stick) or further configuration.

A kernel module is available for the RTL8723 chipset that is used in the Yoga 13. This driver is currently only available at the following URL:
After unpacking the downloaded archive it includes another package “rtl8723A_WiFi_linux_v4.1.3_6044.20122124.tar.gz”, which has to be unpacked. The driver (the kernel module 8723au) can be compiled and installed in the following way:

make clean
./make_drv RTL8723as-vau
make install
modprobe 8723au

Booting of Ubuntu from an USB stick can be achieved by pressing the small ‘Novo’ button which is next to the power button. If this ‘Novo’ button is pressed while the PC is shut down a boot menu will be shown which provides the option to boot from USB

Until now no information is available if the integrated webcam can be used with Linux. If you posses the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 and use it with Linux please provide your experiences in the comment section of this page.


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