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Adaptec RAID 1430SA PCI-E

入力 / 出力 Adaptec, 制御装置, IO, PCIe, Raid, SATA

Adaptec RAID 1430SA PCI-E
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Adaptec RAID 1430SA PCI-E
Minimum: ¥ 0 
Maximum: ¥ 54,800  
更新: 06/02/2016 15:06


The Sata controller card “RAID 1430SA PCI-E” from Adaptec provides four SATA ports (2 internal, 2 external) and supports RAID-Level 0, 1, 10 and JBOD.

The card is limited to the so called Hostraid a.k.a. Fakeraid, which is not supported during the installation phase by most of the Linux distributions. If not supported there is a riks that the data on the raid partition will be destroyed during the installation phase, because e.g. if using Raid 1 both Raid partitions will become out of sync.

In general, it is not recommended to use Fakeraid hardware with Linux. Instead, the better supported software Raid of the Linux Kernel should be used.

If the PC is equipped with the Adaptec RAID 1420SA nonetheless, a Linux driver is provided by Adaptec at precompiled for SUSE, RedHat, or in source code.


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