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Diamond ATI Theater HD 750 (Tuner Card, PCIe, DVB-T)

Multimedia ATI, Diamond, DVB-T, PCI-Express, TV

Diamond ATI Theater HD 750 (Tuner Card, PCIe, DVB-T)
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Review of Linux Compatibility

The Diamond ATI Theater HD 750 is a PCI-Express tuner card which supports unencrypted ATSC, DVB-T, and Clear-QAM Digital TV in PAL, SECAM, and NTSC standard. The card should not be mixed up with the HD 750 USB stick, which has the same name.

The card has the PCI ID 1002:ac12

01:00.0 Multimedia controller [0480]: ATI Technologies Inc Theater HD T507 (DVB-T) TV tuner/capture device [1002:ac12]
Subsystem: ATI Technologies Inc Device [1002:b935]

and is currently not supported by the Linux kernel.

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11 Responses to “Diamond ATI Theater HD 750 (Tuner Card, PCIe, DVB-T)”

  • Sebastien St-Pierre says:

    I send file for helping to create driver for Multimedia Controller ATI Theater HD T507 DVB-T. Please contact me with attach file for try with Linux Debian 7.81. Thank for you work!

    • Sebastien St-Pierre says:

      This the suite of information can intergrated with DMESG!

    • AMD_Fan says:

      Hi Sebastien. There seems to be no linux driver for this chipset. Neither for the PCI-Express nor for the USB version. And also no one seems to be currently working on a Linux driver. I think this card unfortunately is currently a “no go” under Linux and I believe it will stay this way.

    • Sebastien St-Pierre says:

      It’s possible for this device create a false Microsoft Windows area inside the all Linux area for activate this device?

      Thank AMD_Fan!

    • AMD_Fan says:

      In princple yes. If you run Windows in an virtual machine and allow PCI-Passthrough for this machine, the windows driver might be able to access the TV card. However, this solutions is still experimental, and only supported on certain hardware configurations.
      But if you like to experiment, this sounds like a nice little project…

    • Sebastien St-Pierre says:

      Thank for information. Now without Windows virtual machine, it’s possible influence the peripheric think in Windows but we use Linux?

    • AMD_Fan says:

      I’m sorry, but something like this will not be possible for this card. You will still need a specific Linux driver to access the hardware and also to create the necessary video-devices (/dev/video0…) for user space software.

    • Sebastien St-Pierre says:

      Help me for create Linux driver to access the hardware and also to create the necessary video-devices (/dev/video0…) for user space software. I trying with my computer access this peripheric.

      Thank for gift the support!

    • Sebastien St-Pierre says:

      Help me for how create this specific Linux driver. I try it in my computer!

    • Sebastien St-Pierre says:

      Give me the step for create the video devices for this peripheric and I try!

      Thank for your help!

    • AMD_Fan says:

      Honestly, I am really not experienced enough to write kernel drivers for TV cards. The people you are searching for can most likely be found at

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